Lexwell Partners is a law firm primarily engaged in the practice of intellectual property law. Japanese attorneys-at-law (Bengoshi) and patent attorneys (Benrishi) have joined together to establish Lexwell Partners in order to provide a full range of legal services utilizing our many years of collective experience. The firm offers superior professional services, in English and Japanese, in legal specialties not commonly available in Japan at a more competitive cost than clients would ordinarily expect to pay at large internationally oriented law firm.


The name of our firm "Lexwell" comes from the Latin word "lex" which means law and "well" which means satisfactorily and rightly. Lexwell was established in 1999 by four founding members including two attorneys-at-law, Mr. Akimitsu Hirai (also admitted as a patent attorney) and Mr. Asaka Kanda, and two patent attorneys, Mr. Shigeo Naruse and Mr. Shigeru Inaba. Messes. Hirai, Naruse and Inaba first met at the Center for Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual Property (CASRIP) Intellectual Property Summer Institute held in Seattle in the Summer of 1994. Since then, they have discussed and cooperated on a variety of intellectual property matters. Mr. Kanda is primarily a litigation lawyer who brings this important expertise to our firm. Before the formation of Lexwell, each member of the firm engaged in private practice for 8 to 14 years so we have extensive experience as professionals even though Lexwell is a newly established law firm.

Lexwell was founded through the inspiration of Mr. Hirai who desired to establish a unique mid-sized, boutique law firm capable of providing the highest quality services at the most efficient cost. Although Lexwell will expand in the future, its members are committed to the goal of providing cost-efficient, personal services to each client thereby combining the client-oriented atmosphere of a smaller office with the "state of the art" expertise of a specialty law office. Lexwell will, in this way, be the premier office for intellectual property law in Tokyo.

Unfortunately three of four founding members had left Lexwell for various reasons. Two patent attorneys established another law firm to pursue their objectives and Mr. Kanda joined to other law firm. It is a life. Mr. Hirai and his colleagues are still providing services at Lexwell and devote themselves to aforementioned Lexwell mission and objectives.

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