Lexwell's mission is nothing less than to maximize the value of our clients' intellectual property resources, including technology, information and all kinds of seed projects, through the delivery of high quality legal services at a reasonable cost. We are fully committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients in every instance. Uncompromising quality of service, efficiency and responsiveness are the key words that characterize the firm. Through our extensive experience, we are able to bring sophisticated commercial and practical expertise to bear on problems as well as high level technical and legal expertise.

What Makes Lexwell Special

Synergy of Legal and Technical Skills
Unlike a U.S. patent attorney, a Japanese patent attorney is not licensed as a attorney-at-law and cannot independently represent clients before courts except in ex-parte proceedings before the Tokyo High Court. In cases of infringement litigation, for example, large patent firms must retain outside litigators to prosecute cases in court. Such litigators often lack a basic understanding of the technical issues underlying the protection of intellectual property rights and, thus, a great deal of time and money must be spent by clients in educating their lawyers. Furthermore, the scope of practice of Japanese patent attorneys is limited to industrial property matters, such as patents, designs and trademarks.

At Lexwell, our Japanese attorneys and patent attorneys have spent many years developing their expertise in every aspect of intellectual property law and work closely together to ensure that the legal and technological issues are fully addressed, protected and optimized. In other words, we offer our clients what virtually every other patent office or internationally oriented commercial law firm in Japan cannot. Lexwell offers one-stop intellectual property rights service for clients from prosecution to enforcement.

Mid-sized Law Firm, Personalized Service and Reasonable Fees
The needs of each client are different. We foster personalized service and a close attorney-client relationships which permits responsiveness to each client's needs. On request, we are happy to discuss and develop a customized intellectual property protection plan for Japan.

Lexwell maintains a fine balance between having the critical professional mass clients need to fully exploit and protect their intellectual property rights in Japan and growing so big that clients feel they can no longer get the personal attention they deserve. Effective lawyering requires a bond of trust between attorney and client and that bond can only be developed and maintained on a personal level. At Lexwell, clients will never feel that they are being shuffled from lawyer to lawyer, or that their matters are too small to receive the personal attention of their lawyer.

Our fee schedule is presented upon request. We believe that it is highly competitive and we are willing to work with each client to develop a mutually acceptable billing structure that fits the client's needs and circumstances.

International Services in English
The globalization of international business requires outside counsel to communicate, coordinate and cooperate with people in many different countries. This is especially true in the practice of intellectual property law which often involves multi-jurisdictional filings and enforcement proceedings. Information is crucial to decision making and strategizing in this environment. Clients require accurate, timely and reliable translations of laws, regulations, filings and other documents. Since all of the members of Lexwell have extensive experience in international practice and most have studied intellectual property law in the United States, Lexwell is capable of conducting its practice in English and of keeping foreign clients fully informed of developments in Japan so that they will have the same information as is available to their Japanese competitors. Lexwell's attorneys also maintain a vast international network of leading intellectual property experts in Asia, Europe and the America and can provide global services.

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